Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Janus in the bronze age

I remember when I started texting about 10 years after everyone else. My father in law to be would send me texts and if I wanted to communicate back I had to learn how. I still text very slowly and prefer a voicemail usually. My wife has a blackberry and can type tweets, texts, and updates like a rocket. I am hitting the 4 key repeatedly trying to get the letter I want, people get the text in about 2 days if I am lucky.

The sad point of this is I realize I am becoming more obsolete. Example is that now that blogs are becoming extinct I am back and blogging again. Facebook frightens me still, it's got weird stuff on it like real pictures. Twitter is even more frightening, I don't have any exciting updates or thoughts that I want to take the time to type out. "Janus is having coffee and wondering why he is on the computer" is not that exciting.

It's easier to be anonymous here, probably no one out there but me reads this anymore but still comfortably anonymous.

So I am taking a stand and staying here, at least until Blogger kicks me out.
Take that progress! I shake my fist at thee!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who needs these new-fangles Twitter and Facebook things?

I'm sticking with MSN and email! Lol


1:43 PM  
Blogger Janus Torrell said...

Anonymous people unite! down with the imperialistic social networks!

sorry carried away

9:32 PM  

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