Friday, January 01, 2010

Fun I had forgotten

As I mentioned before I hate snow.

I posted something a few years back about snow, in which I went out of my to explain how much I hate it.

Today I played in the snow.

I had a great time.

My son and I dressed up in warm clothes and walked to the local sledding field. A few kids were still sledding there with parents. Most parents kind of just mutter and watch the kids. I would be the one that would mutter I would have thought.

I watch J-2 get on the sled that Bella got for him at the store and tear down the hills over and over. Another boy watching him go down the hill in the sled asks if he can try out his sled.

J-2 just says "Go right ahead!"

The other kid lends his sled to him too, and they trade back and forth for a bit. I love how my son will share and just make friends with another kid so quickly.

J-2 has never really been sledding before, in fact before he came to live with Bella and myself he has never seen more than an inch or two of snow at a time and it is always gone the next day. The weather I would normally dream of.

He is so excited and happy when he can play in the snow and when Bella and I can join him. I watch him sled, and show him how to push himself faster.

He says "Do you want to give it a whirl?" Which is something I say to him normally.

We take turns a bit going down in the sled, Sometimes he slides down next to me like an otter on his snow clothes holding on to the sled while I go down and we scream as the sled speeds up.

On the way back to the house we stop and pick up some big icicles from the side of the building. These are new for him too, and he looks at them like a small miracle. He cautiously licks one and smiles and shrugs his shoulders.

I missed so much with him growing up. I missed first words, first steps, and first day of school. I was so happy to be a part of a first with him. Snow is still cold and I hate driving in it, but I can't hate something that he loves so much. I will have to hate it again when he is older.

I had a great day playing outside today.

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