Monday, April 30, 2007

Silence that can be felt.

When I first went to school my parents received a note from my teacher that said "We are concerned about your son, he hasn't talked the entire two weeks since he has started." My mom double checked the envelope to make sure it went to the correct parent.
People called me many things that knew me as a kid, but quiet usually isn't one of them. My brother and sister considered the use of duct tape on me for the first 6 years of my life.
People that begin to know me now are surprised usually because I can be very quiet at times. That is because they haven't gotten to know me enough yet. Once I feel close enough to somebody I don't shut up. That is one of those things that I am working on. That communication being 80% listening or something, I don't remember what the professor said I was talking...
So for people that might be curious, what does a silent Janus mean.
1. I am listening (which is normally good, unless people are trying to get me to talk.) I am normally enjoying myself and prefer to let other people do the socials around me. I am working on that one too. If I have a good time but am quiet I normally send a note or card saying that I had a good time so that my host knows it. After I become more familar with people I struggle with not shutting up.
2. I am hurting (Physically usually when this happens.) I don't talk when I am in a lot of pain because if I do say anything it is complaining. So I prefer to zone out on something that takes my mind off of it. When I had my eye surgery years ago and I couldn't keep my eyes open without it hurting I remember Jose visiting me and reading me the comics from the newspaper and doing Ad-libs to keep my mind occupied. (He is such a good boy, really he is.) Garfield is not nearly as funny when it is said in halting English, but he meant well.
3. I am thinking of a response or something to say. My wife is trying to teach me how to nod, so that she knows that I am paying attention. I figure if she is the only person talking to me and I am not playing Jenga or something, that she would be able to tell I am listening. I don't tune out when I am awake usually. If I am being asked about something emotional or difficult for me to formulate an answer I have a blank stare or I look mad because my face scrunches up. This makes most people uncomfortable. That is just my brain working, like the busy light on the computer. My mental hard drive is quite virused, so it takes a while.
4. Emotional turmoil/Anger I try not to talk when I am mad, since I tend to react the same way I do when I am hurting. This is where the genetics in my family makes an interesting blend. My dad's side of the family is very calm and quiet, my moms side is very loud and reactive. I stay quiet until I meltdown and then I drop the nuke. When I am like this I normally do not go out in public, and I try to stay out of people's way in private. A scowling Janus in a dark storage room means stay away. The worst is when I start laughing, which I don't do very often even when I am not mad. When I am mad and I start laughing it is very distinct and people that know me well run for air raid shelters. That is the siren.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

When work becomes fun

Last night I ended the work week with a good note.
Telly is a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan and I am a Chicago Cubs fan. ( baseball teams for any folks that might be reading from other lands..or maybe never watch baseball.)
Sometimes the week is frustrating, other times I love what I do. Last night it was frustrating right up until the game was ready to start. Then things got really relaxing as our teams took the field.
The day before that I was looking at the Cubs scheduale and saw that both our teams were playing which meant that it would be on television. So I called Telly's daughter (my boss) and asked if we could watch the game last night if I got him all ready early. She said that would be great, and I didn't mind staying later.
It was a special occasion after all.
The Chicago Cubs are always on television since I live near Chicago. The St. Louis Cardinals are not usually on television unless they are playing against Chicago or in the play offs. So this was a special occasion since they only are on Television about 12 times a year, so if I am there I try to let him watch his Cardinals game.
He doesn't have a lot of passions or hobbies, so I try to be flexible with the things I can be. I knew the game was going to be over closer to 10 instead of my 9:00 clock out, but it's baseball. How can we resist that!
It was really a no-lose situation. If the Cardinals won he would be in a good mood, and I would get to watch a game. If the Cubs won, I would be in a good mood and he still got to see a game which would make him happy.
It had a lot of ups and downs for us both last night, but my Cubs ended up winning. I put him into his bed, and he thanked me for staying so he could watch the game. He said he had a good time, and it would of been a great time if the Cardinals won. Still he enjoyed himself.
Go Cubs.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Janus in Limbo

This last week or so I can't really describe me, other than Blah.
Not bad, Not good, just blah. Sometimes I feel like I am just kind of existing with really no point to what I am doing.
I still am friendly I suppose, and I still do my day to day things, but I feel almost like I am just there.
Maybe I need to do some time outside when the sun comes back and the rain ends. Maybe I will feel better tomorrow maybe when I go do my Thursday thing. Maybe I just need some real rest to get my brain back.
Anyway, thanks for visiting, sorry I am falling behind on my reading as well. I will get back on the road soon I promise.
At any rate, I hope this one is short enough that I don't make anyone late to work to read it.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Sheltered Janus is a Happy Janus

If you read my blog long enough (which the surgeon general would probably not recommend), you will notice some things about my blog. Maybe you will notice some things that are not on my blog would be more accurate.
I am mentioning one of them today so that I can explain why I don't really write about them.
I don't often talk about things on the news here. I do it intentionally and have done that for so long sometimes I forget I am even doing it anymore.
Truth is I don't really even watch or read the news if I can help it. Some would say that is intentional ignorance, some would say that I am a bad a citizen for not reading up on issues, and some would say that is a good idea and consider doing the same thing.
I used to read the paper every day believe it or not about 15 years ago, and I used to watch the news every night before going to bed. I also used to have high blood pressure, an ulcer at the age of 15, used to think I knew everything about subjects I didn't understand personally, and slept even less than I do now.
When I was about 18 years old and I went to see my doctor he gave me a stress test and I bombed it miserably. He told me that if I didn't manage my stress a little better, it would probably take it's toll on me in a few more years. I didn't want to take drugs to calm myself so I looked at what I could do to reduce my stress. He made a few suggestions.
One of the things I stopped doing is reading the paper (except the comics) and stop watching the news on television, since hearing about the latest crisis that will kill us all tends to cause anxiety. (Well duh!) I also started spending more time outdoors, and writing more to decompress my brain.
Well its about 12 years later and I haven't had a stroke or heart attack yet, so it is helping. It also has given me a much better attitude in general, and I am less likely to offer my unqualified opinion on subjects anymore. I still have unqualified opinions...I just feel less arrogant and certain about them and inclined to share them I hope.
So I could tell you more of what bugs me about the news, but I am out of time this morning, and its not worth being late to work over.
Besides I figure my health is a good enough reason anyway.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Janus Writing tech: the starting process in a nut shell

Most people at one point or another in their life say "You know what I should write a book." Even my brother Ed has thought of this at one point, and he normally doesn't go for the artistic creating thing. (He is in banking.) So thinking about it is the first step naturally, since most people don't do this thing while asleep.
If you actually decide to sit down and work on it, you are doing the second step. 95% of people that do the first step never do the second so you are already above the average. Since thinking of writing a book will make you an author as fast as thinking about playing baseball with get you a contract with a professional baseball team. This is where the work begins...
1. Get your big idea Ok this might seem very obvious, but I have to say it since it is the most crucial step. You need your one (or two) line summary that says what you are trying to write. For example mine is today's title "The Starting Process in a Nut Shell." Everything will be related to this one theme, so I do not start writing about How to write and eventually change my subject to "How to make Grandma's Green Jello Salad." half way through.
2. Inspiration and Brainstorming Now that you know what you are going to write about it is time to do your starting notes and ideas. Find a place that you can concentrate and think of ideas and write them down. Find a place that will free you of distractions, for example it probably wouldn't do you good to write these down while you are working in a room full of screaming children or while you are driving down the interstate in heavy traffic. I also suggest having a notebook or a tape recorder with you at all times, because ideas can come at any time. Jot them down, you can always use it later possibly.
Brainstorming (at least my way) involves writing down little notes about things I want to say in a particular work. You don't need any structure here, you can write in a spider web, you can make random notes all over a notebook, you can write about 3000 post-it notes and stick them all over your computer screen. It doesn't matter. Don't worry about organizing it until you are done brainstorming either, this is just a time for thinking of ideas, if you worry about organizing when you are trying to create something you will forget things while you are worried about dotting "i's" and crossing "T's" so tell grammar and structure to go to hell. Just create.
3. Your table of contents/outline and possible character profiling Ok now that you are done littering hundreds of notebooks and scraps of paper with brainstorming you need to put them together. I still suggest you don't worry about grammar so much here, instead you need to take all your ideas and put them into a sort of order.
If it is a chapter book, this is where you map out your chapters. If you are writing a complicated essay or short piece you can write out a general outline. (You also need to write an outline if you are in an English class...because they like to make you do that.) This basically puts your storm of your brain (tired of saying brainstorming over and over) into the general layout it will be read.
If you are writing a fictional story and have plenty of characters it is good to spend a day or two writing out the notes on them. The more important the character, the more notes you write. Describe the physical details well, so that you don't change your character mid-story or series. For example Janus can't be a blond in one book, and black haired in another in the description unless he decided to color his hair. Consistancy is very important.
The other character notes are very vital. You write down some of the inner workings of the character so that you can develop who they are for the whole book or series. Developed characters is what seperates a high school composition class and a published work of fiction. Your readers must see depth and complexity with your creations. This is why a drama movie will get high reviews, and a slasher movie will get bad reviews in most cases. Your audience must connect and relate with your characters, in order to be impacted by your story.
4. Finally, start chapter 1 and keep going. If you get to Chapter 1, you have exceeded the 99% of the of the people that got to the serious brain storming step. So you are already in the bottom 0.5% of the pool of possible writers. Doesn't that feel good? If you finish chapter 1 you have put yourself into the even more elite percent of 0.025 of possible writers. That is something to really be proud of.
5. Two tips before I shut up and make this a novel that you will need to know. The important thing is you need to do several drafts, the first time you write your chapters out you should not be concerned with grammar and perfection. If you are bogged down with that, you will never finish. Just let your ideas flow, and then have someone else proof-read it and write it as fast as you can. You can fix it all later, the important thing is getting it down.
The other important tip is not to let yourself get discouraged. Some people, particularly some close family and usually people that are not artists or writers themselves will not be as excited about your writing as you are. They may regard it as waste of time, and figure you might be better of making french fries at Mcdonalds. Don't give up. If you feel the creative juices flowing, don't let anything get in your way. The only person that can stop you from writing and force you into the fast food industry is you. Find people that support you and your craft, and lift each other up. Writing is real and serious work, and don't you forget it.
Besides that way when you become the next Stephen King or J K Rowling, all those people that told you that you wasted your time will be green with envy as they hear about you while they are stuck where they are. Creative arts work is about the only way people still can go from rags to riches without having to take out a student loan.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

If I had 50 dollars...

Quite a step down from million dollars ain't it?
Well lets do the good news first.
I got a car! That's right, a new set of wheels for me. It's a 2003 Buick with good mileage, looks new and clean (hope to keep it up.) It's safe, its automatic, It's in the driveway. I never thought I would have a car that isn't as old as my niece.
It's 200 extra dollars to month, progress has it's price. That was the bad news.
So I have to pick up some extra hours somewhere that will hopefully clear 50 bucks a week, which means I have to work out my hours.
I still want my Wednesdays for my own work and appointments, so I need to get creative and one day off every other week with my wife. I do not want to mess up my college class. Plus I need a day to look forward to every week for my sanity, so...need to get creative.
Maybe 5 hours on Monday, Friday, and soon Tuesday....maybe I am delusional for thinking this can work. That would give me the customary 35 full time hours at least.
Any suggestions for work ideas that are ethical and legal (Sorry James, your joke about selling narcotics to pay off the car in two weeks is funny, but I got my principles) that you guys can toss my way would be great. I also have to talk to Telly's family about making the summer schedule change permanent. That way I can plan my week accordingly. Wish me luck on that one.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where the Janus's go in the spring, sleeping, and the million dollar question

You might be wondering where I have been...or maybe not. I went on a mini vacation actually, and I will tell you all about it when I have more time. Since that is a whole other blog post. I actually (at my wifes urging) did not go on the computer during the course of that vacation so that I really was relaxing. So I am back, and I still don't have a tan but I am a little better.
As for my resting, that is another matter. I have been going to bed and trying to sleep (for those that always tell me to do that, despite me growling at them like a pitbull.) Though the new medicine I am taking seems to have a new and not so desirous side effect. I sleep alright...for 6 hours, but I haven't been able to do more than that. I will go to bed, I will not set my alarm in many cases, and 6 hours later I am wide awake. So I am tired most of the day but can't seem to be sleeping anymore even when I am drugged to the gills. Very frustrating. Especially since the most common medical advice people give me is to sleep more (I can't) and to reduce my stress (I can't.)
Now for the fun part!
Today I got the song "If I had a million dollars" in my head, and for a fun thing I figure I will think of things I would do if I had a bunch of money and could spend it and not have to worry about the IRS or bills for a while. I would still like to work at my job, because Telly needs me so I wouldn't resign believe it or not.
1. I would pay off all my old debt Yes this is not very exciting, but if you want to drop my stress quick this would be the way to go.
2. Get us a new house Hard wood floors, big yard for Sammy, Less stairs for Bella.
In the city of lights.
3. a car obviously, that like legal paperwork is a gimme but not as fun to write about.
4. Would take even more classes at college Time and money well spent on improving self, broadening my horizons.
5. Travel I never have seen Mt. Rushmore but everyone says its over rated, want to see Yellowstone National park, go to Disneyworld again, See more of Europe, and tour a few other places as well.
6. Buy Troy and Janet a church, help supplement the salary while they start up. Who is Troy and Janet? Janet is on the links list of course. They are going to plant a church in Kansas City over the next year. Of course if I gave them a few million to start a really big church with no mortgage and I would want to have some naming rights. Maybe I would name the little office with the copier machine the "Torrell Center." Just because I never had anything named after me.
7. Take some seminary classes I don't think I am minister material, but I would still like to learn the heavy duty stuff. This way I can learn it and not feel guilty about wasting money if I don't take it up for a career. ...Ok so I am boring and a little weird.
8. Get something big for some underfunded schools. I have to think it over what it would be, maybe expand a few librarys and build a computer lab.
Anyway...I am out of time now. Sorry didn't feel like being heavy today, and wanted to have a bit of fun. See you all later.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Whurzday after action report

Last night was the first night of Alpha and it went pretty good for the most part (Will go into the most part in a second.) This time instead of being a guest I am on board as a helper, which is between a guest and a leader. (Make sense so far? good!) I would say something like "I am always excited to be a part of Alpha" here with total sincerity, but since this is only the second time I have been in it I will have to say "It is great to come back to Alpha."
The good news was we had a good turn out. Make that a great turn out! 15 new guests came and most if not all of them signed on from opening night. If I wasn't so tired this morning I would be excited, so today I will just smile about it.
The food was great, and opening night was wonderful.
We did well with a few of our helpers and leaders unable to join us on opening night. Rob who normally handles the audio video and main co-leader (and my good friend) was unable to attend because he had a business meeting in California. One of our other leaders couldn't come because her daughter just couldn't wait any longer to give birth to her grandson. Her husband did make it though and went to join the family at the hospital afterwords. (I tell you, we get a lot of really bad excuses why people have to miss Alpha.... Living in another country, being out of of the state because of work...having a baby being born... and even last time this guy had the nerve to get married and go on a honeymoon...oh wait that was me.) My wife Bella couldn't come this week because she had to go to work. (Excuses excuses I tell ya.)
So it went pretty well, all of the sudden while we were eating dinner together I hear the power on the projector cut out. So we had technical problems getting things started up, despite us testing it out. Since Rob wasn't there to fix it or tell us what to do or at least be the official clueless guy in charge of things, I was in charge of trying to figure it out while smiling and not swearing at the machines. (Talk about a test.)
This is one of those times when you wish you didn't have a nametag on and you could look clueless and mingle with the crowd.
We got another player though, and started it up and later on found out how to fix it up if it happens again. So all in all it wasn't bad and we didn't scare anyone away due to my technical stupidity.
So I am off to work, and will catch you all later. Yes Neo, I will read more blogs when I get back, today is a double so I will do my best. So take me off the blacklist. :)

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday Morning Drag...future prospects.

Dragging my feet as normal, I just can't move as quick on 6 hours of sleep as I used to. (Yep the title has nothing to do with Cigs.)
It has been four months now, and I still can't get the agency to give me a check that does not have at least one mistake in it. So I need to think of what is next for me since I am staying as long as I got Telly but I would rather find a new contract than deal with such people. It isn't the money that keeps me where I am at now, but I would rather go where I feel valued by someone. Telly and his family live up to the ends of our deal, but the multimillion dollar agency can't do that. In the mean time, now is the time to look for more partial.
When Telly no longer needs me I am not going to stay with the agency anymore than I have to, if they are dishonest with the little stuff with me now...well you know the rest.
I am trying to focus on what I can do, not what I can't do at the moment. Still I can't help feeling a bit low...might be the morning too.
So say a prayer for me as I try to figure out what to do to get things more stable.
I think I decided on my one or two classes this summer, but I will have to talk about that later. Have a good Tuesday

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Rabbit Day memories

Easter was a great holiday growing up, but I had no idea what the point was to be honest.
That was one of holidays that actually had us go to church when I was a kid, until my mom and dad started going on their own when I was about 9 years old, my parents only went to church on Easter, Christmas Eve, and if one of us had something special going on in Sunday School and they had to see it.
Why those days and no other I couldn't quite figure out. My parents didn't really like going back then, but I guess they figured they should go for Jesus's birthday and the day he rose from the dead at the very least. My dad wanted to sleep in a bit on Sunday (he worked all the other days, 11 hours a day) and my mother mainly went to church on those holidays because she didn't want to make God mad (she calls it her Ex-Catholic guilt.)
I remember not understanding Easter at all, because to me it was just a day to get candy (like Halloween which also doesn't make sense) find eggs that a rabbit hid in your house, eat ham at some relatives house, and go to "big person" church one of the three or four times a year.
I didn't make the connection that Easter was the day that Jesus rose from the dead for a while, so as a kid I thought it was all about the rabbits. I mean if it was about Jesus, why didn't they put his name on the holiday like Christmas?
Easter didn't make sense, but God didn't make a lot of sense back then either. I asked my parents what "Good Friday" was, and they said it was when Jesus was put on the cross. I didn't understand atonements or how that would be good in any way back then, so I asked "Why didn't they call it 'Crappy Friday' since I didn't see what was so damn good about nailing a nice guy like Jesus onto a cross for doing nothing wrong?" Ok so I was 7 years old back then and not very tactful, I remember asking that because my dad didn't know if he should laugh or yell at me for that comment. I don't think he understood it either. He told me to ask my mother.
So for me Easter was Rabbit Day. I had to go to bed early, like Christmas because Omnipresent rabbits can tell if you are not sleeping yet for some reason like that Santa guy. When I woke up some rabbit broke into my house somehow and took all the eggs that I dyed a couple days before out of the fridge and hid them around my house. He also left me a lot of candy in a little basket.
Cadbury cream eggs are my favorite, and you can only get them around Easter time, which makes it a special treat. I remember thinking that the Easter Bunny actually owned Cadbury's candy company growing up. It was proof that the Easter Bunny was real to me, since who would have a factory that made candy only one month out of the year. I figured the Easter Bunny had a little workshop on the South Pole and he had his own elves or something. I have since figured out Cadbury is from England, which means I can just ask Rob a billion questions about it sometime when we are trying to read C.S. Lewis at small group. (Asking questions inappropriately is still a bad habit of mine.) I did find this neat English store researching Cadbury so maybe I can order Rob a birthday gift from here.
I got other candy of course like Peanut butter cups, M and M's, and those peanut butter egg things. For some reason the Easter Bunny knew that I was the only kid in my family that didn't like jellybeans and malted eggs, so Ed and Caroline got those and I got more M and M's (Thanks Mom, you always remembered stuff like that.) We also would get basket stuffers like blowing bubbles, silly string, yo-yos and the like, and the big thing was we would get a kite and a mega-spool of kite string.
The kite was my favorite, I would race across the street to the (currently empty of corn in April) cornfield to fly my kite with my brother and sister. The cornfield was perfect because it had a lot of wind, and no trees and power lines. We loved our kites, but my family was really bad at flying them, in truth they spent a lot of time nosediving into the ground. The average life span of a kite was about 2 weeks and by the time it was done it was covered with duct or electical tape to try to hold together. That works out though because we got another one the next year...
Happy Easter or belated Easter everyone

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Janus FAQ for Easter Weekend

I am making a quick lunch stop before work, so I figured for old times sake I would answer some Frequently Asked Questions this weekend from my email. I also figured I would answer questions that no one asked but I thought I would answer anyway. That's called prepared for some of you, or as I call it in the "industry" that is filler.

1. Are you writing anything about Easter? This is an example of a question I didn't get asked but I thought I would answer anyway. Yes I am planning on writing about Easter tomorrow sometime, mine will be more about my childhood though.
2. Why are you always working? This is actually a question I get asked, except from my wife who knows me much better. I am not really "working" as much as I am "busy". Working means you are getting paid, busy just means you are doing time consuming stuff.
3. Are you ever going to visit my blog again and comment? Yes I am, I have been barely keeping up with my own, and I tend to read other people when I finish my stuff. So if I have been neglecting you, rest assured I will be back and be sure you don't accidentally list me as spam when I comment on 13 articles in a row.
4. What is going on now with the writing? Dragging slowly with my books, and I got 12 articles to send over this weekend. So that is why I am scarce. If I don't send the articles to James he will drive me to murder with his whining for material.
5. What is with the cookie and the laser pointer? It's from the movie "Over the Hedge" which you should see. I am a 30 year old man that likes cartoons on occasion...ALRIGHT?! Anyway the cookie thing has to do with the character "Hammy the Squirrel" who is very hyper, obnoxious, and talks to fast. So he and I are kindred spirits.
6. Are you John Mayer? I never thought I would get asked this, but I got it twice in person and twice in email. Eric B's Blog (See links) had a visitor recently named "John Mayer" comment, and people assumed that it was a Janusism. Flattered, but not me. I don't know music that well, and don't pretend to be an expert in that field.
7. Whats going on with Classes? Will get into that about Monday, come back and help me pick a few would ya.
8. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? I would like to learn how to mystically learn how to play an instrument. I would also like to finish what I start for onc..................

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The early morning summary post.

Watch how fast I can do this, my hands never leave the wrists!

The Janusmobile Still searching, and now I have a few options so that is not too bad. None of the options are 100% perfect of course because...well I just hate having to buy a car. So hopefully I will get some new wheels soon.
Court stuff I pleaded guilty and got court supervision rather than deal with an early morning trial and a chance to lose and not get court supervision. I would rather have a good driving record than be right. Doesn't mean it doesn't still irritate me though.
Alpha Class Starts up again next week, still looking for people to come and join us. I am getting the normal lame excuses...I am too busy, I got a lot going on, I live in Scotland..(just kidding really.) Still would love to have more people sign up, and looking forward to getting a new season rolling.
Janus goes to college? Yeah it is true, my wife and I are talking about me going back to college for some classes. I am leaning towards writing classes but still aprehensive since it has been about a decade since I went to college. We are postponing the college class until Friday night that way we can talk it over when I am not trying to sleep to go to work.
Extra work This one I am not as excited about, looking to find a way to get a few more hours. Car payments (see above) and home stuff needs to be done. But enough about that, that one isn't as fun to talk about.
Writers Block If you can't tell from my few and far spacing in between lately I have writers block, which is suicide for my prospects unless I shake it. Besides it being a beloved hobby, writing is what I hope to do for my vocation. The idea of having to run a drive through at a Taco Bell frightens me.
I will expand on these later and visit all of your blogs soon, I am still a bit under the weather and it has given me my attention span of a mentally challenged squirrel. Will talk soon.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Alfred's Legacy

It was probably an ordinary day at first for Alfred that morning in 1888. Wake up, breakfast and coffee is on the way, and sitting at the table and reading the paper while you wait for the coffee to wake you up. He browsed through the paper and waited for Bruce to bring the steaming cup of coffee. (I don't know if there was a Bruce, but I think Alfred should get waited on by a Bruce for once.)
Somewhere on page four or so he reads it, "Alfred Bernard Nobel dead." He no longer needed the coffee because reading your own name in the paper as being deceased tends to wake you up rather quickly. Alfred Nobel of course was alive and well, a man Ludwig Nobel had died but the newspaper wrote the wrong obituary. It would be a mistake that would change the world and Alfred.
Not many of us get to read our own obituary. A twist of fate (or perhaps something higher than Alfred had counted on) had allowed him a rare glimpse at his own legacy. Alfred was not too happy about being declared dead to begin with but his obituary devastated him.
Alfred was a rich man who invented smokeless gun powder and the father of dynamite. The paper described him as a "Merchant of Death." Alfred looked at his legacy and realized that if he had died tomorrow what he would be remembered for.
Alfred did not let his despair destroy him, he decided he was going to due something about it. When Alfred did die (for real this time), he left a large part of his fortune to establish the Nobel peace prize. Since 1896 more than 600 of these prizes has been given to people that have helped make the world a better place.
What is your legacy? If you don't like what your legacy is, what are you going to do today to change your legacy?
Jesus urges us all to seek the eternal and to invest in the lives of others. We may not all be able to set up a prestigious award with our legacy, but we can make the world a better place to be. Your obituary may be coming later but your legacy is not something that is in the distant future, but begins with what you do today.

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Burn out but ok

Well Bella and I both got a little sick, but that is past us. Took it easy this weekend, and had a great dinner. Other than a little burnt out with myself I am doing well.

Will be back soon
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