Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The "I hope they had insurance" award goes to....

It took Architects, draftsmen, masons, woodworkers, and hundreds of laborers ninety years to build the Church of Corcuetoes in Navarrete Spain .

The day after it was completed in 1625, it collapsed.

Suddenly my job doesn't feel so hopeless eh.


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Getting back to normal someday?

Well I decided that even though I could do something else that I was going to write an update. Preserving my once a month current streak.

For those wondering how I am doing, I am now working a few jobs. Which is a good thing. Workwise I am at my best game for years. I will have to update with more specifics.

I am also no longer suffering from insomnia. The extra work, some of it involving physical lugging of equipment for 3 hours every few nights has helped me rest. I am also taking something by my doctor which curbs my spaz attacks.

I am also worried. Lately I have been very thin-skinned. I am not sure if I am just tired or what. I do feel exhausted all the time but I notice that I am feeling more sarcastic, more tempermental, and in general not myself.

I am going to try upping my sleep and of course trying to keep up with praying and talking with others.

It concerns me that I am not being myself and I am taking on some of my traits from years ago. I didn't sleep much then either, it might explain the moods.

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