Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas: The after action report

I did not get fossil fuels in my stocking so that is great.

Like Thanksgiving I had 3 get togethers, and it took me about 2 days later to not feel entirely full. That isn't a complaint, it is really good actually.

I will be honest Christmas really isn't my favorite time of year, in fact I dread the whole month of December, but this year was probably the best I have ever had, at least that I remember. I don't think I was nearly as depressed as I normally am and I actually was social.

I have gotten to know people a bit more since last year and don't feel nearly as much of a stranger in a strange land. I used to be a bit frightened to get to know people or letting people know me. I guess I just figured the less I knew people the less likely I would want to start avoiding them all the time. The last two years I have really been taking more "risk' and actually willing to let people know how insane I am. My wife has also been great for me coming out of my shell and people no longer tell her I am too quiet. (Which I always thought was funny, since I think I am loud and obnoxious.)

Still I am glad that January is coming, I enjoy things being more normal. Also I am glad to stop hearing that Christmas music.

Take care

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thats a wrap, 2 shopping days are left!

Back when I was a single man I did all my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. I would go to the shopping mall with four other guys that realized that they have to buy a present or never hear the end of it.

So three of us would get out at the curb, while the fourth person drove in circles trying to find a parking spot.

Inside the mall for the only day out of the year you will find it is pretty much only men. Men with collective looks of guilt on their face would be looking at whatever was left after all the women, children, men that plan ahead, and Mongolian Hordes have left behind (Mostly on the clearance rack.)

Such gems are left for purchase such as a potholder that looks like a giant strawberry that is 90% off, Old spice cologne that smells like really really old spice (a favored gift for Father's Day for any unemployed kid in the world), a tablecloth that a color-blind circus clown with no fashion sense would get. Well you get the idea...

We would buy the stuff that no one wanted, get gift receipts, and let them exchange them back for something with taste and thought.

Now that I am married (and have been dating long enough before that,) I don't do that sort of thing anymore. My main shopping is done for Bella, since Bella does most of the shopping for both of us when it comes to other people. She is more patient and thoughtful than I am and would never get my dad Old Spice.

I no longer wait until Christmas eve and try to get what is left. I do most of the shopping at least a week ahead of time, and today I finish some final touches with my gift shopping (Hey one day earlier than usual!) So today while my wife is doing facebook and reading blogs, I am going to be finishing up.

After that I need to learn how to wrap presents, since mine tend to look more like a crime scene than a cherished gift. Too bad my nieces aren't around so I can pay them to wrap things up pretty for me.

Wish me luck bloggers, and if I don't get back here tomorrow or the next day have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Beer.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Janus Returns to Return of the Janus yet again

Is this thing turned on? (taps on blog) 1..2..3... testing.

If you have dropped by and been loyally checking for updates I thank you for your patience. I am sorry to not be updating, I am even sorrier (is that a word?) for not reading. The last month has been a bit of a roller coaster and I am trying really hard now to get back into my writing mode.

Then I will have to get into my reading mode after that.

I am doing alright, I am not dead or anything (Which you probably gathered from me writing a blog entry.) I was kinda grouchy and worried for the last month and I was tired about blogging about me being grouchy and worried. I don't like to read lots of depressing stuff, so I tend to try avoid writing it either. It doesn't make your day really, and I would rather write something different.

So now I will tell ya some stuff I have been doin'. I have made a commitment to my wife to work on a writing project for 20 hours a week after Christmas. I am kinda sorta excited about it, since I never really get way way excited about anything that involves working on anything. (I admit sloth is my thing.) So we discussed it last night at Olive Garden and I had tea so I can't even blame it on alcohol, so I must be really wanting to do it. I am hoping that this will get me back into my writing grooves again.

I am still preparing for a stressful life changing family situation that was bothering me over a month ago, and I am taking it well...well for me. I am not sleeping well though and I really don't know how to keep entirely relaxed. The good side of it is I am leaning more on God and other people have been really wonderful to me as well, the bad side of it is ...well the whole stress and insomnia thing and of course waiting.

We got all of our shopping done (Well maybe a little more) and next week we are doing our three house holiday tour.

Thank you for reading, thanks for being patient with me, and I will have to see how many blogs I am totally behind I am preparing to wince. Talk to you soon.

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