Thursday, February 28, 2008


I am really charged up from some encouraging news about my situation. I am smiling again and I am feeling more confident these last few days.

My problem still looms ahead, but I had a talk with the expert and I was reassured. I have been surrounded by many friends and family as of late that have let me know that not only am I not alone but I am thought of.

I just wish I was able to help those that are closer to the fire. My heart aches for those that are thrown into this situation but do not feel the support and strength I am feeling right now. I wish I knew how to help them, I can only pray for them.

I wish my old anger and unforgiving part of me would stay away. After years of being scared and feeling powerless I am tempted to want to gloat at my opposition. I need to keep my perspective. This isn't a win or lose battle for my own sake. This is for them.

I will not let this turn into my petty sweet revenge. This is not about me damnit, this is about them. This is for God, this is for them.

This is for him.

God please help me be the right way, God please help me do things for the right reasons.

Let me give him what he deserves. Let me be who I need to be.

Thanks for all the folks that have been praying and keeping me in mind all this time. Despite the long silences. Please keep praying and thinking of me. You are making a difference.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A moment of relfection for NIU

I was going to write a post about Valentines Day tonight, but out of respect to the victims of the shooting at NIU and their loved ones I am only going to say that my prayers are with you.
My brother went to NIU as did my wife at one point, and I don't know anyone from my home state that is not connected to NIU in some way.

Please take of moment of your time, and pray for the all the poor folks involved. Thank you.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Coming back Muesday

Working on drafts when I am home this week, and sleeping and recovering when I am not.

Hopefully all will be well after the weekend.

Hopefully I will get more reading and writing done too!
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