Thursday, November 20, 2008

Great gifts for under $30 dollars.

Yahoo had an article today called Great gifts under 30 dollars. Besides a puzzle and a magic 8 ball they didn't have much beyond makeup and exotic soap which is usually put in a drawer somewhere. As an act of community service I am going to give all of you some gift ideas for the holidays.

Gift Certificates For the movies, for the mall, for a good dining place, or even a taxidermist as far as I know. When in doubt give them something they can spend their own way. Impersonal it may seem, but would you rather have soap shaped like zoo animals?

Money The universal gift certificate. I never hear anybody go...Oh man do I have to have money again? I was hoping for a new party girl clutch. (I thought a clutch was a car part, until yahoo opened my eyes.)

Wine You can get an average drinkable wine for under 30 dollars or far less. If the wine is cheap get a few of them. They might not use them every day but it still beats a soap on a rope and Mr. Potato head.

Games Board games can be fun if they like games. Something that kids and adults can both love.

Do something nice and personal Make a special dinner or 5, make something (good) that you are able to, fix that stupid screen door. Something meaningful that they appreciate. Note. If you are supposed to fix your own screen door and she has been asking you to do that for 3 months, it doesn't count. I am talking about someone elses screen door.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Everyone needs to do a job search once in a while

Well Monday comes and back to searching for work.

I found this a while back on youtube and it makes me laugh. As a person that loves Star Wars (yeah I will admit it) and a person looking for crappy jobs this is dedicated to all of you.

Oh and never let a Sith lord install your Invisible Doggy Fence.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Working with a fury

Work is slow. Very slow.

So I am searching for more. Right now I am in a long drawn out expensive fight for someone else. It matters to me, but matters to him much more.

So got to update my resume.

Got to grind.

Got to try not to panic.

I got my books, I got my brain, and lately I got my rage.

Now if I can only not look really angry while I am grinding out there, and just get things done.

I need to get things done.

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