Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Muesday Night Blues

Well today I went into the office and I sorted mail. Exciting!? Well probably not, but it actually was relaxing for me. I have been feeling really worthless the last week or so because of this...whatever I have...that is making me unpredictable.

I have a bunch of ideas really to put on this blog, but I am really just too lazy to do them now. Besides Bella is home so I need to log off the computer and be social.

Tomorrow is another day. That last statement comes from my new sponsor "The Mr. Obvious Show."

Talk to you all later.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Janus and public speaking

Years ago (I never thought I would admit to this) I used to take communications classes and wanted to be a great public speaker.

That might have worked if I actually liked talking to a large group of people. As hard as it may be to believe (cough cough) I am not that outgoing and exciting. I even bore myself at times.
So I have learned a few important things the last few years.

If I speak on stage I need a podium. If I don't have something to hold on to, I tend to pace or do this kind of swaying around thing like a cobra with a beard. In high school I made a few people dizzy and gave a freshman a seizure from watching me give a speech. So I either have to sit down or hold on to something.

I am not always a good listener. I do have a hearing problem at times and sometimes people have repeat themselves and speak louder. This is embarrassing and makes talking a bit challenging, because most people think I am not listening. I am actually trying to listen, I just can't hear and they talk to0 fast to read lips.

I either am too quiet or too loud. Voice modulation, probably because of my bad hearing. I also tend to get hyper and talk too fast as I go. Which makes my voice get even louder.

I get jumbled if I am not prepared. I change my accents around, I say things backwards, pronounce things wrong, or just say the wrong word altogether.

So bottom line I probably shouldn't run for public office or ask for a stage job. People say if I practice I will get better at it, I figure I will practice at home for a few more years before I try it again.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Slightly behind....

Well I am not making any promises to be back, since they only lead to disappointment. But I am back at least for this quick post.

I am getting over a stomach virus which is not particulary repulsive or gross, but a bit uncomfortable and hopefully I shall feel good in a week or so. It gives me wierd hunger cravings and cramps and a little sick to my stomach...I was concerned that I somehow might be pregnant with an alien baby or something, but the doctor assures me that things will be fine. So if you don't hear from me for a while again that is because the alien burst from my chest like in the movie Alien. Which reminds me I should get more Lysol wipes.

I am slowly getting back to work, which I have been slumping at for the last few months. I am good at my 9-5 job, but not so good at working hard on my time at home. So wish me luck with that.

I am slowly unearthing my mail boxs and blog feeders and are trying to get them all down to the single digits. (922 emails, 400 blogs to read.) So you might get about 10 comments in a row from me. Don't worry I am not selling viagra, its really me. I will try to limit by chatter, just know that I care enough to read old news too.

Now my wife is going on online and I am going to finish my wonton soup and get ready for work tonight.

Thanks for dropping in.


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