Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Janus returns to Return of the Janus again

I was actually back yesterday but wasn't really freed up to announce it.

I'm home!

First the bad stuff.

They have to fix the hot water on my shower right now (Hey it makes me shower really fast), I have a few boxes to unpack (but not carry), and still waiting for the blinds we ordered so right now I feel like I am slightly in a fishbowl.

I also am sore from carrying all our crap upstairs in one day.

There got all that complaining out, now I can tell you that I am happy to be here and love my newish home. I am settling in and enjoying sleeping on my bed again. (My back missed the bed too.) Sammy and Bella are adjusting well, in fact they are sleeping away while I take my motrin and prepare for the salt mines and talk to you.

I have a facebook for my real name (as opposed to my fake name) I have no idea why anyone would want to see that but just email a request if you are that bored.

I have 281 posts to read from the last month, which shows you guys have all been busy and now I will be buried in that for a while.

Plans to revamp the blog will be coming up, let me get used to being home for a bit.

Nice to see you all again.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

The I am sick of even talking about it update.

House is done being worked on. It looks great, though if you ever notice, when you paint the walls and change the floors your furniture suddenly looks like crap.
I am going to be working on the house and trying to get my own computer up now, and it might take me til Wednesday. Things are good though, just slow.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This weeks silent swearing moment.

Waiting for the call when things are moving.

I hate seeing the contractor's phone number showing up on the phone or a voice mail.

I like our contractor personally, just like I get along with the painter, and even my mother.

So why do I hate when they call? Because they never call me to say that things are going well.
"Hi Janus, this is your contractor, I just wanted to tell you that everything is great and I wanted to make your whole day wonderful...thanks."

Usually it is... "We came across a problem..." "We ran out of trim." "We need more paint than we thought. " "This wood needs to be replaced." "The plumber has been murdered by a group of Huns riding in on horseback from Mongolia."

Today it is, the plumber broke the part that you and your wife practically sailed across the Atlantic to find on Monday because it is so rare. We had to have the old fixtures in our place that General Lee used in the Civil War by our bad luck (The original builder must of bought them on clearance.) So we had to look all over to find a stupid part, and then it gets broken.

Why does this make me so pissed? Because we left instructions to call the store if they didn't know how to install it and a business card for the shop we got it. The store clerk says they are a bit tricky to install, and if the clerk admits that, you are in deep crap. So I left a message to the contractor to call if they needed help, and I figured if the plumber wasn't sure he would call. Stupid me to think that I could relax and not worry about it.

So if they find another part that isn't in the Museum of the Confederacy in short order I have to pray that they don't break it and that I will get back into my house before New Years.

Excuse me now while I find something to smash with a hammer.


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Monday, October 15, 2007

One week to go....hopefully.

Well it looks like they are wrapping up on my place and soon I will get out of base camp. I missed blogging, I missed me time, I missed you guys.

So here is whats coming up.

1) Finishing my bathroom
2) Last paint details
3) hanging fixtures and stuff.
4) Got to move all these boxes back
5) Hook up the computer
6) Read the 100 Kajillion posts I missed.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Janus vanishes again...

I took time out of my busy agenda of slacking off to tell you that I will be gone and slacking off for an indefinite amount of time. My father in law returns tomorrow and might want his computers back (Go figure) and I need to read more anyway. SO that means I might not be here.

Don't be sad, it is not like I am Mr. Update lately.

I am going to be here a bit longer than planned, due to some windows taking another week to arrive and the usual logistics of painting and home renovation. Then I can start moving all those stupid boxes that I brought here back to my home again.

Pray for my sanity please.

In the meanwhile visit my links and think of me and today I am adding a blog of Andrea's to my ever changing and growing blogroll


When I get back I am going to renovate the blog too, so something to look forward to.

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